Your Business: New Maine pot law clouds rules on drug use

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Posted: March 8
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Your Business: New Maine pot law clouds rules on drug use


If one of your employees failed a drug screen, what would you do?

Rick Dacri

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If you’re like most employers, you have clear procedures on how to respond, particularly if you fall under federal guidelines.

Now, what would you do if that same employee suddenly flashes a registry identification card issued to him under Maine’s new medical marijuana law? Do you follow the same procedures?

Maine’s new law is about to change all the rules on drugs in the workplace. Many of the personnel procedures that businesses have in place just went up in smoke with the new law.


Now an employee who is a “qualifying patient” and who has been issued a registry identification card is protected against disciplinary action for the use of medical marijuana.

In addition, employers cannot refuse to hire and cannot penalize someone just because they are registered as a qualifying patient.

So what are employers supposed to do? Is it now acceptable to come to work stoned?

Well, there is a lot more that we don’t know about the new law

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