York tells landlord to stop using property for medical marijuana

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YORK, Maine — York Community Development Director Steve Burns has told the owner of property on White Birch Lane to stop allowing his land to be used for medical marijuana, according to a notice of violation and order for corrective action he issued April 30.

In the notice, Burns ordered medical marijuana uses to stop immediately and not to resume until, and if, the uses are approved by the planning board.

Burns issued the notice and order to landlord Robert Grant of Eliot, and not to the individual marijuana growers, called caregivers. Grant faces a fine of $100 per day for noncompliance, according to the notice.

Grant could not be reached for comment.

Medical marijuana operations appeared to be ongoing at 19 White Birch Lane as of May 2. The area surrounding a red, metal warehouse smelled of marijuana. Two people there denied knowledge of an order being given to their landlord to shut down. The pair declined further comment.

The red warehouse holds an estimated 10 garage bay doors. A tenant in the area, who did not give his name, said at least nine of the 10 units are rented to marijuana growers.

At least five people are growing medical marijuana at the facility listed in the violation notice as 17 and/or 19 White Birch Lane, according to Burns.

York officials have not shut down operations as Grant has 30 days to appeal, according to Burns. As of Monday afternoon, Grant had yet to file an appeal with the York Board of Appeals, according to Reenie

Article source: http://bangordailynews.com/2014/05/09/news/portland/york-tells-landlord-to-stop-using-property-for-medical-marijuana/