Winslow schools approve medical marijuana policy

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Winslow, Waterville and Vassalboro schools are enacting policies to allow students to use medical marijuana in school as districts across the state move to comply with a state law passed last year that allows the practice.

The Winslow School Board on Monday voted to approve a policy that allows a parent or legal guardian considered a primary caregiver under Maine’s medical marijuana laws to administer marijuana on school grounds to a student certified to use the drug.

The Vassalboro School Board has taken a first reading of an identical policy and intends to have a second meeting in February, and the Waterville School Board will discuss the first reading of the policy at its meeting on Wednesday.

The three schools make up Alternative Organizational Structure 92, and share a superintendent, administration and transportation, but have separate school boards.

The policy enacted by the school boards was developed by the Maine School Management Association in response to a law passed by the Maine Legislature last year that allows students to take prescribed medical marijuana on school grounds as long as it is given to them by a primary caregiver.

AOS 92 Superintendent Eric Haley said Thursday that he does not know how many students, if any, use medical marijuana in the three districts. The issue of dispensing medical marijuana has not been brought to the school boards or administration by parents or others, he added.

The new policy also hasn’t sparked any public interest, although there were a few “raised eyebrows” by policy committee members when they

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