Windham to weigh ordinance on medical marijuana

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Posted: April 2
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Windham to weigh ordinance on medical marijuana

The town planner has drafted rules that would allow only one dispensary and place restrictions on caregivers.

By Leslie Bridgers
Staff writer

WINDHAM – Town officials are considering an ordinance that would allow only one medical marijuana dispensary in Windham and restrict where that dispensary, and some caregivers, could grow and sell marijuana.

Town councilors placed a six-month ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in January to give the town time to develop regulations for the cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

The town’s Land Use Ordinance Committee started talking about those regulations at a meeting on March 16. Since then, Town Planner Brooks More has drafted a proposed ordinance, which the committee will discuss next week.

The ordinance would allow only one dispensary in Windham. The dispensary and any caregivers who provide marijuana for two or more patients could operate only in the town’s commercial districts.

State law requires dispensaries to be more than 500 feet from schools. Windham’s proposed ordinance says the dispensary and caregivers could not be within 500 feet of schools, child care facilities or places of worship.

The dispensary would have to be at least 300 feet from any residential properties,

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