When did we begin to take delight in others’ pain?

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When did we begin to take delight in others’ pain?

A few weeks ago, I read a story in the Morning Sentinel about the Waterville Police and the capture of two young men with 6 pounds of marijuana in their vehicle.

I wondered why the Waterville police would make such a big deal about this incident and why the Morning Sentinel would dedicate three columns in the newspaper to a story that did nothing more than make the two young men look like complete and utter morons.

With medical marijuana being grown and distributed to anyone able to make it to a doctor’s office, it seems a bit silly to think those kids did anything that would justify being crucified by people who perhaps did exactly the same thing when they were young but were never caught.

I cannot remember when we as human beings began to become so mean and ruthless to otherwise ordinary and nice people.

I was watching television one night and saw a show called “Parking Wars,” in which men and women police officers took great pleasure in giving $80 parking tickets to folks who had parked their vehicles in the wrong spot.

I could not watch the whole show, as it disgusted me to see people treat others so badly.

Last spring, the state

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