Washington County commissioners take stand against legalization of marijuana

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MACHIAS, Maine — The Washington County Commission adopted a resolution opposing the legalization of cannabis products and the recreational use or marijuana.

The commission approved the proclamation, sought by a public health advocacy coalition, by a 2-0 vote at its regular meeting on Thursday. Commissioners Chris Gardner and John Crowley endorsed the measure; Commissioner Vinton Cassidy was absent.

Some proponents of legalizing marijuana argue that it is less harmful than alcohol, noted Gardner.

“That doesn’t make it … a better idea,” he said.

As for those who would disagree with the commission’s adoption of the anti-marijuana measure, “They run elections every four years,” Gardner said.

The resolution was sought by Dustin Foss, youth and community outreach coordinator for Washington County: One Community, a coalition that promotes public health. She briefed the two commissioners on findings from the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey as well as plans by advocates of legalizing marijuana — specifically, the Marijuana Policy Project — to seek local ballot initiatives in York, Lewiston and South Portland this fall and statewide legalization in 2016.

Dave Boyer, Maine political director of the Marijuana Policy Project, ripped Gardner and Crowley, saying it was “shocking” that the commissioners would spend time and taxpayer dollars to adopt the resolution. A policy under which marijuana is illegal allows no control over growers, sellers and buyers, he said Friday.

“Marijuana is less toxic and less addictive than alcohol,” said Boyer, “and unlike alcohol it does not contribute to violent and reckless behavior.”

Paul McCarrier, legislative liaison for the Medical

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