Veteran forms cooperative of medical marijuana growers

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Veteran forms cooperative of medical marijuana growers

Seen by some as trailblazer


GARDINER — A young veteran has organized a cooperative of medical marijuana growers and patients, saying clients have dubbed him “a pioneer” of Maine’s budding new industry.

Robert Rosso is a state licensed medical marijuana grower and runs his operation in the Windham area. He inspects one of his 25 plants under multi-colored LED grow lights in his grow room.

Robert Rosso, 25, of Gardiner, and other local growers have organized Kennebec Healing, a business that delivers hydroponic marijuana grown in three locations to 14 patients from Waterville to Windham.

“Some of my higher-class patients tell me, ‘You’re blazing the trails for medical marijuana‘,” he said. “I’ve had people call me a pioneer.”

Since 1999, the state has allowed the prescription and limited possession of medical marijuana for a certain list of conditions. But it was not until a November 2009 referendum that the state was prompted to create a new, formal method of legal distribution that has put Rosso and others like him into a new class of “potrepreneurs.”

Maine patients can apply for a medical marijuana identification card issued by the Maine Article source: