Updated: Medical marijuana growing operation started in Thomaston

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Thomaston — A crop of medical marijuana plants has been growing in Thomaston’s Route 1 dispensary since June and is expected to be ready to supply four dispensaries around the state in September, according to Catherine Cobb, director of the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services within the Maine Department of Health and Human services.

Cobb said the state approved the growing operation May 31, 2011. Northeast Patients Group had previously gained the necessary town approvals, she said.

She said it will serve as a start-up grow site for all four dispensaries the company will be running.

Police Chief Kevin Haj confirmed July 13 that a small amount of marijuana is being grown there. He said it will be enough to get them going in taking care of their patients. He said the growing is being done in a secured area inside the building.

The Thomaston Board of Appeals voted unanimously Aug. 3, 2010, to approve Northeast Patients Group’s request for a conditional use to operate a medical marijuana dispensary on Route 1. Bill Bird owns the property at 149 New County Road where the dispensary is located.

This growing operation represents a change from what was discussed during Thomaston’s initial approval process.

“We will not grow on-site in Thomaston,” Northeast Patients Group Executive Director Becky DeKeuster said in an e-mail to VillageSoup in January. “For security purposes, we are not discussing our cultivation plans at this time.”

In August 2010, the Board of Appeals asked if Northeast Patients Group would be growing marijuana at the

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