Unusual Pot Bust Poses Quandary for Cops

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Depending on what that opinion is, they will either be destroyed or returned to the local man who was growing them — legally — until they were reportedly stolen from his residence in northern Ellsworth this week.

Lt. Harold Page said the dilemma of what to do with legally grown pot plants is a first for the Ellsworth department, and perhaps the first of its kind in the state.

While medical marijuana is legal in Maine, federal law prohibits the use of marijuana for any purpose.

“If we give it back to the grower, are we violating federal law?” Page asked.

Police officers routinely destroy seized marijuana that was grown illegally. Page noted that, had the 17 plants in this case not been grown legally, their disappearance would likely not have been reported to police.

Page said reports on the case have been submitted to the Hancock County District Attorney’s office. Following a review of those reports, a determination will be made on what should be done with the marijuana.

The problematic pot issue arose after a seemingly routine traffic stop led to 32-year-old Aaron R. Pert, of Trenton, being arrested twice in less than 48 hours.

The second arrest was for the alleged theft of the pot plants, which police said are worth $12,800, and the burglary of the two outbuildings where they were being grown.

Page said an Ellsworth officer stopped a vehicle on Route 1A shortly before 1 a.m. Thursday after observing a traffic violation.

The driver of the vehicle, 29-year-old Rachel L. Braun of Trenton,

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