Thomaston board approved marijuana growing

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Thomaston — The Thomaston Board of Appeals voted May 25 to uphold the code officer’s finding that marijuana cultivation is a permitted use at the Route 1 dispensary because it fits the definition of agriculture, according to documents on file at the Thomaston Town Office.

Northeast Patients Group had received the board’s approval to open a medical marijuana dispensary in August. At the time, NPG Executive Director Becky DeKeuster said her organization did not plan to grow the drug in Thomaston.

Again in January, DeKeuster said in an email to VillageSoup that her organization would not grow on-site in Thomaston.

On May 25, DeKeuster and her attorney Dan Walker of the law firm Preti Flaherty attended a meeting with the Board of Appeals at the town office. There was no mention of medical marijuana or Northeast Patients Group in the agenda for the public meeting. Instead, the issue was taken up under “other business.”

“Peter Surek (the town Code Enforcement Officer) brought to the board concerns as to growing marijuana at the dispensary at 149 New County Road,” the meeting minutes state. “…In his opinion, it is an allowed permitted use according to ordinance 712.3. He read the definition of agriculture: ‘The production, keeping or maintenance for sale or lease, of plants and/or animals, including but not limited to: forages and sod crops; grains and seed crops…”

Surek said July 14 that agriculture is allowed in the commercial district where the dispensary is located. His office issued a building permit to NPG for renovations.

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