Tainted marijuana scare in Kittery

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KITTERY (WGME) — Parents in the town of Kittery are worried, after two students get seizures while smoking what police fear may have been tainted marijuana. Police are charging a 19-year-old man from Kittery for allegedly selling them that pot. The students were taken to the hospital, after experiencing multiple seizures. 

Eric Wadell, the principal of Traip Academy in Kittery, says too many teenagers think they’re invincible, that it will never happen to them. That may have been what the two students thought when they bought marijuana, allegedly from Matthew Dayton. After getting a warrant, police say they found three mason jars of marijuana, scales and other items in Dayton’s house.

Police are not ruling out that the marijuana was laced with another substance. One of the dangers when you buy marijuana off the street is not knowing if it’s been laced with other more dangerous drugs like cocaine, PCP, bath salts or even embalming fluid.

According to police, one student remains hospitalized. The other is back home. Police say as far as they know, no other students have experienced similar symptoms. But Kittery Police Chief Theodor Short admits, he has no idea who may have bought marijuana from their suspect.

Kittery Superintendent Allyn Hutton sent an e-mail to parents. It says “A few young people are using illegal substances, specifically marijuana, that may have been laced with another substance.  As a result, young people who have experimented with this substance are having severe adverse effects, including seizures requiring medical attention.”

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  1. Oldtimemoonshine says:

    Hope he gets a year in jail. Its only pot until you harm someone. I heard that caregiver Sirois from farmington gave some patient moldy weed, another one off to the hospital.

  2. massvocals says:

    first of all it was not pot as that would not happen and this again is smear campaign by the police to report faultly on cannabis there cash cow for arrests I say its about time they openly sell cannabis so no mistakes are left to the black market ah end the prohibtion stop the police NOW or war

  3. massvocals says:

    Cannabis is again being label, Cannabis does not cause these type of seizures. frankly these are lies by the police