Synthetic marijuana use & abuse a concern in Maine

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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Enter most any
smoke shop or head shop in Maine and you are likely to find it.  And it
is carried by many gas stations, too.  It, is a designer drug made to
mimic the effects of marijuana, sold as potpourri in colorful packaging
that is stamped with a warning that it is not for human consumption, but
users and kids all know that if you smoke it, it will get you high,
sometimes with very serious side effects.

“Everyone knows what it is being used for,” admits Maine’s top drug
cop, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Director, Roy McKinney.  “We are
hearing more and more about it, and really it is being marketed and
pushed as a legal high.”

In July of 2012, the US Government passed a law outlawing synthetic
cannabinoids, better known on the street as Spice, K2, fake weed or
potpourri, but before the ink was dry on the legislation, manufacturers
altered the chemical composition ever so slightly to keep the product on
the shelves.

Currently, there is little McKinney or other law enforcement officers
can do to keep these drugs out of stores

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