Sullivan mom whose son brought pot brownies to school gets 90-day suspended …

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ELLSWORTH, Maine — A Sullivan woman has received a jail sentence of 90 days, all of it suspended, for her role in an incident last fall in which her eighth-grade son took pot brownies she had baked to school and shared them with friends.

Amanda Hiser, 33, initially was charged with aggravated trafficking of a scheduled drug in the wake of the Oct. 30, 2012, incident, which resulted in several students being suspended from Mountain View School in Sullivan. That charge later was changed to aggravated furnishing of a scheduled drug, which also is a felony charge.

As part of a deal with prosecutors, however, Hiser pleaded no contest on May 23 to a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child, according to documents filed in Hancock County Superior Court. As part of the sentence, Hiser also was ordered to serve a year of probation, to pay a $400 fine and to pay an additional $360 in restitution to Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, court documents indicate.

Hiser, who suffers from lupus nephritis and now is licensed in Maine as a medical marijuana user, will be able to continue using marijuana to treat her illness, according to Hancock County Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett. Had Hiser been found guilty of a more severe charge it may have interfered with Hiser’s ability to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program, Kellett said Friday. The district attorney’s office was sensitive to that possibility, she added.

Hiser, contacted Monday evening by phone,

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