State voters to make history Primary race is on by Lora Whelan

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     Maine voters will be making history on Tuesday, June 12, as the state’s primary election will mark the first time that ranked‑choice voting has been used in a statewide election in the United States. Ranked-choice voting will be used in the races for the offices of U.S. Senate, governor, U.S. Congress, State Senate and Maine House of Representatives in those contests that have three or more candidates. Those races include the Democratic and Republican nominations for governor — with a total of 11 candidates — and the Democratic nomination in the 2nd Congressional District, which has three candidates. In these races, voters will have an opportunity to vote for their first‑choice candidate and to rank the remaining candidates in order of preference.
     In the U.S. Senate contest, Republican Eric Brakey of Auburn and Democrat Zak Ringelstein of Yarmouth will be running against independent U.S. Senator Angus King. Republican candidate Max Linn of Bar Harbor is listed on the ballot but has been disqualified after Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap determined his nomination petition contained fraudulent signatures, including those of dead people.

Profiles of candidates in contested races follow.
     Three Democratic candidates — Jared Golden, Craig Olson and Lucas St. Clair —

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