State marijuana laws a dilemma for Holder

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March 7

State marijuana laws a dilemma for Holder

Legalization by Washington and Colorado is at odds with both U.S. and some international law.

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WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder is getting plenty of conflicting advice as he tries to figure out how the federal government should respond to the decision by voters in Washington state and Colorado to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder, testifying Wednesday, faces policy opinions that range from leniency to nullification of new state laws.

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The national debate of recreational marijuana may eventually shape events in Maine.

Rep. Diane Russell, a Portland Democrat, has submitted a bill that seeks to legalize marijuana statewide so that it can be taxed and regulated much like alcohol. That bill has not been debated.

The Portland Green Independent Committee, meanwhile, plans to collect signatures for a referendum that would ask residents whether they want to legalize marijuana within city limits. A citywide vote could happen as early as November.

Maine also has a medical marijuana law that gives those with qualified medical conditions the right to grow their own marijuana, buy it from one of eight nonprofit dispensaries or buy from a certified caregiver.

The latest came Wednesday from Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who told Holder to focus on prosecuting larger federal crimes as

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