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Owls Head — Maynard Stanley Jr. says he is running for the Maine House as a commonsense regular guy.

Stanley is the Republican candidate for Maine House District 93, which represents Rockland and Owls Head. He is challenging Democratic incumbent Rep. Pinny Beebe-Center.

“I was taught not to spend money you don’t have. I’ve lived that way,” the Owls Head man said. “When I’m looking at laws or things before me as a representative, I will approach it the same way.”

Stanley points out on his website that at age 22, he built the home that he and his wife still live in, and that he is debt-free and has no credit cards.

“I’m opposed to generational theft, debt that is passed on to our children and grandchildren,” the candidate said.

Stanley said he does not have enough information to comment on how to deal with the issue of access to affordable health care for citizens. He said there must be a middle ground and that insurance companies have probably been involved in escalating prices.

In regard to the opioid crisis, Stanley said it was important for government to look to do as much as possible. He said, however, that people must take personal responsibility and stay away from the drugs.

“Some of it is personal choice,” Stanley said.

He said he opposes recreational marijuana use, but supports legitimate uses of marijuana for medical purposes.

Stanley said he hires people and will not employ someone who is high or drunk.

“They’re doing themselves a disservice,” he said.

Stanley, who

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