South Portland voters support legalizing recreational marijuana

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Voters in South Portland narrowly approved an ordinance legalizing recreational use of marijuana in the city.

Lewiston residents voted on a similar ordinance, but results are not yet available.

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District 1 Warden Philip Gaven (left) hands out sample ballots to people waiting to vote at the Boys and Girls Clubs in South Portland.

In South Portland, residents voted 6,326 to 5,755 in favor of an ordinance that declares it legal for adults to possess small amounts of the drug.

Citizen-intitiated referendum questions in both cities asked voters to pass ordinances declaring it legal for adults over 21 years old to possess small amount of marijuana for private, recreational use.

The Lewiston and South Portland votes are seen largely as symbolic because marijuana possession remains illegal under state and federal law, and local police say enforcement won’t change. But the outcomes will serve as indicators of the state’s appetite for legalization and whether a future statewide referendum on the question might add Maine to the legalization movement.

Portland residents voted 2-1 in favor of legalizing recreational use of pot in 2013 – the first such vote by any city on the East Coast. This gave advocates a powerful boost to start the statewide campaign. But the movement has faced stronger opposition as it moved beyond the state’s largest and most politically liberal city.

While marijuana remains illegal under federal law, the culture has undeniably shifted in favor of legalization. Residents of Oregon and Alaska were voting Tuesday on whether to follow Colorado and Washington,

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