South Portland police raid marijuana grower who claims to be a caregiver

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SOUTH PORTLAND — Police on Wednesday dismantled a marijuana growing operation run in the basement of a Harborview Avenue home by a 37-year-old man who claims to be a primary caregiver for medical marijuana patients.

Police Lt. Frank Clark said police seized about 135 marijuana plants, 2.1 pounds of processed marijuana and a variety of food products, including marijuana butter and cookies.

Clark said Brendan McGann claimed to be a registered caregiver, but is not registered with the state. McGann was charged the cultivation of marijuana, a Class C felony since more than 100 plants were involved. He was also charged with trafficking marijuana.

Clark said it wasn’t the first time police had contact with McGann.

McGann called police last October to report the theft of four, 9-foot tall marijuana plants valued at $15,000 that were among more than a dozen pot plants growing in a locked, fenced-in area of his backyard.

Clark said McGann at that time also claimed to be a medical marijuana caregiver, which would allow him to legally grow a total of 30 marijuana plants for up to five patients.

At the time, McGann provided paperwork that seemed to support that claim, Clark said. After checking with prosecutors and the state Department of Health and Human Services, police did not pursue charges.

But Clark said police recently checked the state’s list of registered caregivers and McGann was not on the list.

“We’re not anti-medicinal marijuana, because that is what the law is,” Clark said. “But anyone that obviously is not going

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