South Portland council: Don’t legalize marijuana

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In a non-binding resolution, city councilors say they do not support a local referendum aimed at legalizing recreational marijuana use.

By Matt Byrne
Staff Writer

and Dennis Hoey
Staff Writer

The South Portland City Council made a symbolic, pre-emptive gesture Monday, opposing a campaign to legalize recreational use of marijuana by adults in the city.

Voting to approve a non-binding resolution 5-0, councilors roundly rejected what they said is a substance that poses a danger to public health, safety and the future of the city’s young people.

“It just isn’t a good thing for our community,” said Police Chief Ed Googins at a press conference Monday afternoon in Mill Creek Park. Legalizing marijuana “doesn’t increase our safety. It doesn’t make us more livable. It’s not something that will do good for us. The community’s safety and welfare are at stake.”

The campaign is being led by David Boyer of Maine’s chapter of the Marijuana Policy Project, which helped pass a ballot initiative last year in Portland that legalized recreational marijuana use in the city by people 21 or older.

Boyer’s group is targeting South Portland, Lewiston and York this year as the next Maine communities for ballot petitions urging legalization. Boyer says the petition campaign in South Portland is expected to begin this week.

Taken together, voting results in the test communities could be valuable indicators of how Mainers will view a statewide legalization effort.

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