Sensible Portland responds to Bob Higgins column

May 28th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

Sensible Portland seeks to redirect limited city resources from Marijuana offenses and to violent offenses; Sensible Portland seeks to protect vulnerable medical Marijuana patients.

Dear Portland Daily Sun,

Over the past five years, voters in municipalities from Montana to Colorado and beyond have instructed their police forces to focus on violent crimes and substance abuse and away from the non-violent crime of adult Marijuana possession. The reasoning is simple: cities only have so much time and money to protect themselves, and voters and policymakers have largely agreed that possession of Marijuana should be the lowest priority.

Likewise, Maine voters have overwhelmingly supported other citizen initiatives to allow for the legal use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Our city council voted unanimously to allow dispensaries in Portland as well.

Bob Higgins fundamentally misunderstands the intent of the lowest priority initiative currently being circulated. Higgins wrote that restaurant code enforcement and texting while driving are big problems. We agree. A quick look at the police log for May 9-15 shows that arrests for ‘scheduled drugs,’ i.e. illegal possession of prescribed medicine, are quite common in our city. We, Sensible Portland, want to release the city from hassling those patients needing medical marijuana and turn to ridding our community of much more pressing problems.

Bob Higgins is also correct that our community still has not figured out the new medical marijuana law. We view this as more important reason to redirect resources away from punishing patients who have been unable to obtain their medication through the new

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