Saturday, June 25, 2011: Bail, smoking and the Bangor Humane Society

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No bail

The best way to have avoided the killing of Amy Lake and her two children would have been to deny bail to the man who threatened to kill them last year.

Why did she have to live in terror for a whole year, only to be gunned down in her home, while supposedly being “protected” by the police occasionally checking on her? This is not protection, it is enabling the perpetrator.

Very simply, anyone who threatens another with a weapon should not be out on bail. Let’s please enact a new law to the effect and enforce it!

Gillyin Gatto


Wrong question

There have been a lot of letters since the tragic three murders and one suicide in Dexter last week. One letter in particular stays in my mind.

Donna and Craig Archer wrote on June 17 that if Officer Wintle heard gunshots when he arrived at the home of Amy lake, why did it take so long for the tactical team to arrive? According to the Bangor Daily News, there were many, many officers of the law arriving at the scene, and many, many things had to be taken into account.

Lois M. Farr


The patriotic thing

The new warning labels are out for cigarette packs. Here’s one they missed: Use of this product costs the U.S. $200 billion every year in completely avoidable health care and property damage expenses.

If you love your country and want it to survive, and care about your children’s and grandchildren’s future in America, you’ll quit smoking now. It’s

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