Ron Paul for Medical Marijuana Legalization: Five Highlights of 2011

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4. Bill Introduced in Congress: Congressmen Ron Paul and Barney Frank introduced a bill that would let states decide their own marijuana policies without federal intrusion; this was not just about medical marijuana policies. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) – a cannabis advocacy organization in the United States – has lobbied Congress for five years to initiate this legislation, which MPP helped to draft. At least 21 House members are sponsoring this legislation, as of today.

3. Medical Marijuana Laws Implemented and Expanded by New Mexico, New Jersey, Maine and D.C. : Maine’s Health Department issued eight dispensary licenses in 2010, going by a ballot initiative that was approved of by 59 percent of Maine voters in November 2009. All but one of the dispensaries has opened. Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie held a news conference on July 19, where he said he didn’t believe New Jersey dispensaries would be targeted under federal law, and, as a result, six dispensaries will open in the state. In New Mexico, the number of dispensaries increased from 17 to 25. The D.C. government, on its part, launched an application process that will result in 10 growers and five dispensaries being licensed in the nation’s capital by April.

2. World leaders and Their Views: The “Global Commission on Drug Policy”, on June 2, announced its support for the drug. This was also seen as a way of rejecting former U.S. President, Richard Nixon, and his launch of

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  1. general hydroponics says:

     I have massive admiration for Ron Paul. The guy is brilliant and fantastically unchanged in his principles, despite spending years in Washington DC. He even resigned from the Republican party in 1987, because he was so disillusioned and dissatisfied by the hypocrisy in his own party.