Rockland City Council Passes to Medical Marijuana Moratorium

August 31st, 2018 by admin Leave a reply »

Rockland City Council voted 3-2 at a special meeting on August 22 to pass a controversial 60-day moratorium on allowing medical marijuana facilities in the city. Meanwhile, opponents are already hinting that they may take legal action. Mayor Valli Geiger and Councilors Amelia Magjik and Lisa Westkaemper voted for the proposal while Councilors Ed Glaser and Adam Ackor voted against it.

Geiger said that she sponsored the moratorium to slow down the process and give the city time to decide how it wants to regulate medical marijuana retail stores or if it wants to allow them at all.

“And if we do want to opt in, how and when and how many?” said Geiger. “That to me is the purpose of the moratorium, to protect the city’s ability to decide its future in terms of opting in or opting out.”

The city’s current zoning ordinance, which states that medical marijuana production facilities can be used “for cultivation, processing, storage, and/or distribution” of medical marijuana, has caused confusion about whether production facilities can operate solely as retail medicinal pot stores. The city’s code enforcement office has interpreted it to mean that a facility whose primary purpose is to cultivate and produce medical marijuana can “incidentally” sell to patients. But at least one applicant believes the ordinance allows for retail stores, which councilors supporting the moratorium say was not the original intent of

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