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Although it is now legal to possess small amounts of marijuana, selectmen in the Kennebunks hope to snuff out any dreams locals may have of selling the stuff commercially in their towns.

At a July 18 workshop, Kennebunk selectmen agreed to work on an ordinance to ban growing and testing marijuana for commercial purposes, as well as the manufacture of products containing the product. Also to get the nix are retail stores and so-called marijuana social clubs.

Although the state legislature has recently pitched a 20 percent tax on the marijuana sales — including a 10 percent excise tax and a 10 percent sales tax — with 5 percent of the total haul funneled to towns that allow commercial harvesting and/or dedicated retail shops, selectmen said the carrot proffered was too small to move their collective donkey cart.

“I don’t care what the taxes are, the money just isn’t worth it,” Selectman Ed Karytko said. “The consequences of what could happen aren’t worth any amount we might get paid.”

In large part, selectmen predicted any tax revenue derived from marijuana will pale in comparison to increased infrastructure costs from encouraging its sale in local shops.

“My fear is that we are going to be facing ambulance and police costs and other types of things,” board chairman Dick Morin said.

Others at the workshop said they simply don’t like the idea of a head shop on Main Street, in the town’s historic village.

“To think that we’re going to be skating at the Waterhouse Center and my

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