Rainier family opens medical marijuana dispensary

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RAINIER — Lawanda Kissell suffers from fibromyalgia and
rheumatoid arthritis. Not wanting to take strong painkillers, the
Rainier resident said she turned to medical marijuana a year ago
for relief.

Until Friday, the nearest medical marijuana dispensary for
Kissell and Columbia County’s 650 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program
card carriers was in Portland. Now, they have to travel no farther
than downtown Rainier.

“It’s much nicer not having to go all the way to Portland,” said
Kissell, 31.

Staypuff Organics, a medical marijuana dispensary, opened Friday
at 113 E. First St. — somewhat to the chagrin of city leaders who
could find no way to block it.

The family owned business offers various strains of marijuana in
dried form, live plants and edibles (such as cookies and
chocolates), lotions and oils. It also carries potting soil and
other products for grow operations. It’s the first medical
marijuana dispensary in Columbia County and the only one in the
lower Columbia region.

The owners – Ron Neveau, 45, Lori Neveau, 49 and their son, Ryan
Neveau, 23, all of Rainier — say their primary goal is client

“Buying on the street is not OK,” said Ron Neveau, who has used
medical marijuana for about six years. “I never had good friends
that grew the stuff, so I always had to deal with somebody who knew

All three of the Neveaus are card-carrying OMMP members and
users: Ron for a congenital back disorder and injuries from a 1992
logging truck accident; Lori for a debilitating 1995 injury to herArticle source: http://tdn.com/news/local/article_82fffaa8-5cfa-11e0-b0fd-001cc4c002e0.html