Protesters march peacefully Saturday to credit unions, banks

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PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland police reported no problems with Saturday morning’s Occupy Portland’s march to several banks and credit unions.

Police did, however, release a bevy of information to the public, including fights, drug use and two recent arrests that have taken place at the Occupy Portland encampment.

Police said on Nov. 3, officers monitoring the Occupy Portland encampments at Chapman and Lownsdale Square Parks issued a citation and park exclusion to James Michael Lopes, 36, for marijuana in the park. They also cited and excluded Joseph Michael Gugliucci, 28, for alcohol in the park and did the same for Christopher Mulder, 25, for drugs in the park (heroin). Police also and arrested and excluded Angel Miriles, 19, for fourth-degree attempted assault and harassment. Miriles reportedly entered the encampments and began assaulting random people, police said.

On Nov. 4, officers responded to the report of a fight at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Salmon Street. When officers arrived, the people involved in the fight had been separated. Several people in the park wanted one of the participants removed, but nobody provided details of the fight to officers and refused to press charges. During the afternoon, there were several other fights reported to officers but no victims or witnesses came forward to cooperate with police.

Officers, who also said they’ve noticed the sanitary condition “continue to decline in the encampment,” later arrested Chad Robinson, 20, for second-degree criminal trespass. Robinson had been excluded from the park Nov. 3 after officers saw him smoking marijuana

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