Prospective cannabis growers can learn ropes from expert

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Posted: April 12
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Prospective cannabis growers can learn ropes from expert

By John Richardson
Staff Writer

PORTLAND — Ray Logan has been growing marijuana for 30 years.

When he started, it was a purely recreational — and illegal — hobby, and one he naturally kept as quiet as possible.

Now, Logan is turning his experience and knowledge of the plant into a very public business: Marijuana State University.

Logan is offering three-hour workshops for people who want to learn how to grow high-quality marijuana in their homes. It is the latest business to sprout from Maine’s medical marijuana law, which allows registered patients, caregivers and dispensaries to grow the drug to treat specific medical symptoms and conditions, from intractable pain to AIDS.

While marijuana can grow like a weed under the right conditions, cultivating medicinal-quality plants indoors takes some know-how, Logan said.

“There’s a huge need for (knowledge), and some people aren’t sure where to get it,” he said.

Logan, 56, taught the first Marijuana State University class earlier this month in Portland. About 15 men attended, most of them registered medical marijuana patients who want to grow their own drugs instead of paying hundreds of dollars an ounce to registered caregivers or licensed dispensaries.

“We’d like to double that (class size), but we

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