Privacy Improvements for Medical Marijuana Patients in Maine

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6/21/2011 Update 1:45PM ET – The medical marijuana program in Maine is set to become easier to utilize by seriously ill individuals. The Maine legislature passed LD 1296 on June 16th after hearing extensive testimony from patients and advocates. Governor LePage is expected to sign the measure into law. The new procedures could offer the most privacy protections for patients compared to any other US state.

LD 1296 was passed with the intention of shielding Maine residents using medical marijuana from undue interference. The bill is sponsored by Republican Rep. Deborah Sanderson and some of the changes include:

– Making the patient registry voluntary
– Increasing the amount patients my possess to from 2.5 to 10 ounces.*
– Allows physicians to recommend marijuana for any ailment he or she believes will benefit from marijuana therapy
– Stops counties or municipalities from creating local regulations more strict than the state law

National NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano, a medical marijuana policy expert, commented, “At the same time when lawmakers in many other states are enacting impossibly restrictive measures, Maine lawmakers have elected to instead significantly open patients’ access to medical marijuana under the law.”

Maine voters approved the compassionate use law on a ballot measure in 1999. The model followed a plan for small-plot cultivation by patients and caregivers. A decade later voters went to the polls again and expanded the law to include medical cannabis dispensaries.

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