Preparing for Pot

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Given the ease with which Mainers can get new laws proposed via the referendum process, it’s just a matter of time before the state debates and then votes on a proposal to legalize marijuana for recreational use by adults.

If the vote were taken this year or next, it’s a safe bet that legalization would be defeated. Exhibit A in that prediction is the defeat last year in California of a ballot measure that would have legalized the drug. But with each passing year, there are more voting age adults who see marijuana as a relatively harmless substance. Someday in the near future, that will translate into a voting majority.

Problems could come, then, if a citizen initiative gets on the ballot with an attached law that is laced with unsavory details. That was the case in California, according to Rep. Diane Russell, D-Portland, who has proposed legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults here in Maine. Rep. Russell’s bill, LD 1453, also would tax the sale of marijuana at 7 percent.

Specifically, LD 1453 would legalize “the personal use and cultivation of marijuana, legalizing and licensing certain commercial marijuana-related activities, while providing provisions to protect minors, employers and schools, and removing the registry system from the Maine Medical Marijuana Act.”

The proposal is likely to be quickly dispatched as an “ought not to pass” at the committee level, but Rep. Russell’s idea might initiate a grown-up discussion about a plant that, by some estimates, is the state’s biggest cash

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  1. LittleSebago says:

    Just legalize it and get over it. Or… maybe we should start pushing a bill for only doctor perscribed medical use of alcohol.