Portland buses to carry advertisements that back legalizing marijuana

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Posted: October 1
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Portland buses to carry advertisements that back legalizing marijuana

The ads, which claim the drug is safer than alcohol, draw sharp criticism from anti-drug groups.

By Randy Billings rbillings@pressherald.com
Staff Writer

and Dennis Hoey dhoey@pressherald.com
Staff Writer

PORTLAND — Supporters of an initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana will start using city buses to promote marijuana as a safer alternative to alcohol that’s also less likely to cause a hangover or make people rowdy.

Supporters of Question 1, the ballot initiative to remove penalties for adult marijuana possession in Portland, are launching a series of ads on METRO buses and bus shelters.

Courtesy Marijuana Policy Project

Ads in support of ballot Question 1 promote recreational marijuana as safer than alcohol.

Courtesy Marijuana Policy Project

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“Why should I be punished for making the safer choice?” each of the signs asks, with the word “safer” underlined.

But Joanna Morrissey, project manager for 21 Reasons, said the advertising campaign is misguided because it reaches the wrong target audience.

Morrissey said METRO buses can be seen by youth. Some Portland students ride METRO buses to school.

“We are disappointed in the campaign’s aggressiveness and recklessness, especially in the message that it will be sending youth,” Morrissey said.

Her organization is a coalition whose

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