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Rebellion is healthy. Ask any doctor.

Standing in the streets and throwing rocks at the cops is excellent cardio exercise. Then, there’s all that running when the National Guard advances. Finally, there’s the cooling-down period, going limp when the sheriff’s deputies try to snap on the cuffs or relaxing inside a survivalist outpost surrounded by federal marshals.

Physical fitness isn’t the only advantage of defying the government. Sometimes, contrary behavior results in changes in national policy (the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam-war protests), court challenges (abortion, gay rights) and visits from the Internal Revenue Service (attachment of wages, periods of incarceration).

Of course, your attitude toward civil disobedience may be influenced by your political ideology. Liberals were delighted when Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana, a move that puts both states at odds with federal law. The left still heartily applauds initiatives from California to Maine that ignore national drug statutes in order to allow sick people access to medical pot.

Conservatives, by nature less inclined to insubordination, still found something admirable in Arizona’s ill-fated attempt to subvert federal immigration law, Arkansas’ legally shaky effort to skirt Roe v. Wade by outlawing abortions after 12 weeks, or states such as Missouri, South Carolina, North Dakota and Texas that threaten not to enforce the Obama administration’s gun-control measures.

What all these uprisings have in common is that they’re focused on issues of importance. Rights hang in the balance. Justice is on the line.

Article source: http://courier.mainelymediallc.com/news/2013-03-21/Editorial/Politics__other_Mistakes.html