Police warn of ‘big drug underground’ in Brunswick

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As drug investigators attempt to quell a recent surge of heroin into many parts of Maine, Brunswick police say a near-fatal heroin overdose in July was just the most public incident in “a big drug underground” that most of the community simply isn’t aware.

Over the last three years, police have noted nine suspected drug-related deaths, according to Brunswick Police Detective Rich Cutliffe, who works with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency’s Portland office.

“And there could be two to three more,” he said, accounting for variations in record-keeping.

The deaths, which are listed as “suspected” unless and until a toxicology test and medical examiner’s report confirms the cause of death, were likely attributable to an array of drugs, and often multiple substances, according to Cutliffe.

He said Tuesday that he’s concerned about the drug activity in the “small town,” and doesn’t think residents are aware of the severity because it’s not taking place on the street.

“When I’m talking with citizens from town, I get the general sense that they don’t think there’s a lot of drugs in Brunswick,” Cutliffe said. “I disagree. I want people in Brunswick to be aware that just because you don’t see it on the street corners … there is a big drug underground that’s going on in Brunswick.”

The drug of choice in town, he said, continues to be crack cocaine.

“We have a pretty heavy crack problem in Brunswick,” Cutliffe said. “Pharmaceuticals is still No. 1. Number 2 is crack and cocaine, then

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