Police: Maine man tried to stage girl’s kidnap, rescue to be ‘the hero,’ but …

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Nichole was reported missing on May 13 by her mother, who said she had left the night before to meet a friend at the end of the driveway but hadn’t returned.

Police interviewed a friend of Nichole’s named Bryan Butterfield, who said somebody had set up a fake Facebook account in his name and he suspected Dube. Butterfield told detectives that Dube wanted to have sex with Nichole but that she had rejected his advances, the affidavit said.

Investigators determined that Nichole had frequent contact with the fake Butterfield on Facebook and that the person posing as Butterfield repeatedly requested to meet with her before she agreed to meet with him at the end of her road to get some marijuana the night she went missing, the affidavit said.

Police asked Facebook officials to produce records to identify the owner of the fake Butterfield account, which was traced to Dube and his parents’ home in Orono.

When a detective interviewed Dube’s girlfriend, Sarah Mersinger, she reported that Dube told her where he left Nichole’s body. Dube’s brother, Dustin Dube, then told police what he knew.

Dozens of law enforcement officers, using aircraft and dogs, and hundreds of civilian volunteers had spent days searching for Nichole, whose body was found on the night of May 20. About 300 people turned out for her funeral.

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