Petitioners collect enough signatures to get pot legalization on the ballot in …

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YORK, Maine — The Marijuana Policy Project has gathered an estimated 200 signatures, twice the number needed to present a petition for legalization of pot to the Board of Selectmen, according to David Boyer, Maine’s political director for the national organization.

Boyer said Monday he had yet to set a date to give the petition to the town clerk. Once the signatures are verified, the petition would be expected to go to selectmen for their consideration for the November ballot.

The petition drive began in York on June 10, during the primary election. Similar petitions have been initiated in Lewiston and South Portland, prior to an effort for statewide legalization of marijuana in November 2016, according to Boyer.

As of Monday, the Marijuana Policy Project had collected an estimated 350 of the 859 signatures needed in Lewiston; and about 200 of the 950 signers needed in South Portland, according to Boyer.

Last November, Portland voters approved a referendum nominally legalizing recreational use of the drug in Maine’s largest city, although state and local law enforcement have said they will still enforce Maine laws against pot possession.

With low voter turnout last Tuesday, Marijuana Policy Project volunteer Nick Murray stopped pretty much everyone leaving the polling place asking them to sign the petition seeking the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in town.

Murray wasn’t able to get to the polls until 5 p.m., and a half-hour later seemed to have an equal number of signers

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