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Eric Friberg is one of the founders of Kirsten’s Compassion, a medical marijuana collective in Maine named for his late sister. Kirsten Friberg was living in San Francisco when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which metastasized and killed her at age 32—a story he later told in Maine while campaigning for more liberal medical marijuana laws there. Editor’s note: Kirsten Friberg was a college friend of the author.


Tell us some of your story.
My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in California. We thought she was gonna be able to come home, and get better here or pass away with family around here. That didn’t end up happening because her cancer metastasized and spread everywhere, eating her spine, and she was unable to travel.

More importantly, she was unable to get cannabis. It took her two or three months of bureaucratic red tape and time to be able to get her card in the first place. Instead of being able to keep her medicine down and more importantly food down to help nourish her body, she was throwing all that up. It’s my firm belief that if she would have had cannabis, she would have been able to beat the cancer.

Here in Maine, we had a referendum in ’99 to help people that want to take care of sick people, a limit of five people. There were very few people who took advantage of that system, of care-giving for patients. We were some of the first in

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  1. ASA Maine says:

    eric and libby are great caregivers I recommend them often.

  2. ASA Maine says:

    eric and libby are great caregivers I recommend them often.

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    If anyone knows how to get ahold of Eric or Libby please email me @