‘Paul doesn’t cheat his enemies. He cheats his friends’

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This is Part 4 of a 4-part series

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Getting to where he is now required Paul Stanford to step on some toes and edge out some competitors. This is where Stanford is distinguished from others in the medical marijuana game.

He regards it as a business.

Other medical marijuana providers are competitors.

Marijuana cards are his supply, and he is operating in a nearly free market system.

But the people behind the medical marijuana movement don’t see it as a business. It’s medicine, they say, and Stanford is abusing the product.

Sandee Burbank, executive director of the pro-medical marijuana group Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse and one of the original supporters of the medical marijuana law, says Stanford’s business defies the medicinal intent of the law and is concerned less with getting sick people their medicine than getting people who want weed their drug.

“This guy’s been operating (as a commercial enterprise) for two or three decades,” said Burbank. “I do know from patients that have come to us, they were delighted to have the extra information we gave them, which they obviously had not learned at (Stanford’s foundation).”

Stanford dismisses Burbank as a scorned competitor who couldn’t keep up —Stanford’s organization grew quickly, a startup business in a field of untapped resources, while Burbank’s patient-focused practice has remained more akin to a clinic.

Stanford also says she owes him a debt of less than $1,000 that he said he’s tried to collect from her for years. Stanford said Burbank demanded money

Article source: http://www.kval.com/news/business/Oregon-medical-marijuana-a-business-in-a-nearly-free-market-136605118.html