Many people are looking for help regarding chronic health issues that goes beyond what is available currently from traditional medical suppliers. With the high costs associated with health insurance costs, many people are looking for a natural alternative to prescription medication.

With the approval of the Maine Medical Marijuana Initiative in November of 2009, negative connotations are beginning to be debunked and there are a growing number of people that understand the benefits of using marijuana as a medication. This law finally allows patients to obtain a safe supply of this medicine via local non-profit dispensaries and provide them with an ID card and establish a state-wide system to prevent patients from arrest.

Medical marijuana is a valid alternative to people with chronic health issues. It is a long-term solution with minimal side effects. There have been no links between marijuana use and lung cancer or emphysema and the risk of other side effects is minimal. It is the only medication that can cure the nausea associated with chemotherapy, help with the onset of blindness from glaucoma and relieve depression without ruining your body’s chemical balance.

Our goal is to be the number one resource for medical marijuana patients in Maine. We strive to help connect patients with dispensaries, doctors and caregivers. We provide accurate information for patients to give to their doctor that outlines the legitimacy of medical marijuana, as well as information on specific doctors that support and prescribe medical marijuana in Maine.

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