Passing Puffing Police Prohibitions

May 26th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

With some amusement, I read a story in Tuesdays Sun regarding a group called “Sensible Portland” which is seeking to have a blind eye toward marijuana possession attitude codified into Portland statutes.

First off, we haven’t got the MEDICAL marijuana thing straightened out yet. The alleged clinic for Cumberland County shows no signs of opening. They now promise to open “Late Spring,” according to their website. (I’m referring to it as “alleged” for a simple reason. The “FOR RENT” sign is still up in the location chosen, despite this city passing “emergency” zoning approval in June of LAST YEAR.)

Fix the sick folks first, folks.

Then, there is that whole sticky issue regarding federal law. Asking the city council to turn a blind eye to federal law is problematic, but the act of trying to get the city to put that position in wet ink for the police chief, his officers, and the COUNTY Sheriff’s office to “look the other way” is not only risky, but stupid. Say goodbye to any grant funding from the hinterlands of D.C. if this happens.

Essentially, this group is asking Portland Police officers and the County Sheriff’s office to look the other way, and risk a possible prison sentence in a FEDERAL poke-you-in-the-posterior penitentiary. Pretty sure not many of the officers in question are up for that, just so you can puff-’n’-pass in public.

If you don’t like the law, change it. If you can’t get the law changed due to an entrenched power structure, vote the knuckleheads

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