Parents Among Those Applauding Lawmaker’s About Face On Medical …

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Rob Poindexter

Posted Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at 5:03 pm.

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Lawmakers in Augusta are considering several changes to Maine’s medical marijuana law. One change in particular had some folks at the state house outraged.

The controversy surrounded a substance known as “kief”. It’s a natural bi-product of marijuana that is used to make tinctures, an extract that’s used among other things to help epileptics manage their seizures. Among the changes in LD 1739, one of the bill being considered by lawmakers, would outaw the use of kief.

A large group of parents who have used tinctures to successfully treat their children’s epilepsy came to the state house to speak out against the criminalizing of kief. Michael Colster and Christie Shakes’ 10-year-old son Calvin has epilepsy. He suffers from violent and unpredictable seizures that sometimes cause him to stop breathing.

“Typically he won’t breathe for a couple minutes. He experiences as a result of that cyanosis, which means his lips, fingers, extremities, toes, ears turn blue,” Colster said.

The couple says prescribed medications have been ineffective and caused significant side effects like dizziness, headaches and visual disturbances in their son. They learned about the use of tinctures to treat epilepsy while visiting family in California and were

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