Ownership questions prompt investigations into two Ohio medical marijuana companies

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Ohio’s seed to sale process for producing medical marijuana.
Michael Nyerges, Cincinnati Enquirer

COLUMBUS – Two companies are coming under fire for allegedly lying on their applications to sell medical marijuana in Ohio and violating rules for the state’s highly regulated program.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy, which oversees medical marijuana dispensaries, has concluded two companies violated state rules: Greenleaf Apothecaries LLC, which does business as The Botanist, and Harvest of Ohio LLC.

The board claims Greenleaf Apothecaries transferred ownership without state approval and/or misrepresented facts submitted with its dispensary application last year, according to portions of a board notice sent to the company obtained by The Enquirer through a public records request.

The company, which was awarded five dispensary licenses, announced in December 2018 it had a management agreement with big cannabis company Acreage Holdings, based in Massachusetts. State rules prohibit ownership transfers until after one year of operation. 

The board says Harvest of Ohio LLC does not meet the state’s definition of an “economically disadvantaged group,” as claimed on its application. The company was awarded three dispensary licenses and is an offshoot of Harvest Health and Recreation Inc., which operates in eight states.

The pharmacy board sent notices to both companies in early June, giving each the opportunity to make their case before the board at a future meeting. 

Neither company will receive permission to open new dispensaries until the matter is resolved. Discipline from the board ranges from fines to

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