Our View: Medical pot disconnect puts patients at risk

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Our View: Medical pot disconnect
puts patients at risk

The difference between state and federal law creates legal jeopardy for innocent people.

Many medicines come with side effects, but few can compare with medical marijuana‘s: What other drug, when used as directed, could land you in jail?

Robert Rosso, a Maine-licensed medical marijuana grower, inspects a newly planted clone. While 16 states, including Maine, have made marijuana use legal in some circumstances, the federal government considers it an illegal drug, making a disconnect for those in the business.

John Patriquin/Staff Photographer

That’s because even though 16 states including Maine have legalized the use of marijuana in some applications, the federal government still considers it to be illegal under any circumstance.

To confuse matters even more, the U.S. Department of Justice has sent mixed signals on how it views use of the drug. Early in his tenure, Attorney General Eric Holder gave states reassurance that his prosecutors would not go after medicinal users. But recently, some U.S. attorneys, including one in Rhode Island, have announced that they would not look the other way at the establishment of legal pot growing and selling businesses, even if they were regulated by the state.

That’s a cause

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