Our View: Housing board right to rescind medical pot ban

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October 17

Our View: Housing board right to rescind medical pot ban

Those who are both poor and sick needn’t be participants in a state-federal dispute.

Marijuana is always illegal under all circumstances — except when it’s not. This is the directive we’ve given to the seriously ill patients who qualify for medical marijuana, which is illegal under federal law but permitted by some states, including Maine.

This lack of coordination between two different levels of government has already resulted in conflicts, and it was just a matter of time before we started seeing the results in Maine.

Here, it was an unjust crackdown, rescinded Tuesday, on seriously ill, low-income patients who risked losing their subsidized housing if they used or grew the medication that they are permitted to have under state law and would be able to possess if they lived in different housing.

Earlier this month, the Maine State Housing Authority board voted to bar any tenant receiving support through the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 8 program from using or possessing medical marijuana while at home. The decision was driven by concern that the agency could jeopardize its federal funding if it did not take this step. Fortunately, the board put other concerns first.

Seriously ill tenants with AIDS or cancer should not have to go without treatment or risk eviction because two branches of the government can’t get on the same page.

There were two reasons not to implement a crackdown. It is not U.S. Department of

Article source: http://www.pressherald.com/opinion/housing-board-right-to-rescind-medical-pot-ban_2012-10-17.html