Our View: California pot businesses set bad example for Maine

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Posted: October 12
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Our View: California pot businesses set bad example for Maine

Maine can avoid a federal crackdown if it does a good job of regulating marijuana dispensaries.

We should be thankful to California for showing the rest of the states how not to handle medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana dispensaries are facing crackdowns in California but Maine can avoid the same pitfalls by making sure the system runs as designed.

The Associated Press

Federal prosecutors announced last week an aggressive crackdown against California “clinics,” which reportedly have been operating as storefront drug dealers and using the humanitarian law as a screen for criminal operations.

California’s lax law and lazy enforcement have allowed the dispensaries to become a source of marijuana that is sold elsewhere, said U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner.

“California’s marijuana industry supplies the nation,” Wagner said. “Huge amounts of marijuana grown here in the state are flowing east to other states, and huge amounts of money are flowing back in the opposite direction.”

Maine, which is just establishing its medical marijuana dispensary system, should take a lesson from California about how things can go wrong.

Maine is not facing a federal crackdown

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