OUR OPINION: State is not in ‘fight’ over recreational pot

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Posted: March 2
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OUR OPINION: State is not in ‘fight’ over recreational pot

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., visited Maine last week and addressed about 100 people at an “expo” for legal cannabis growers in support of approving marijuana for recreational use.

In a story published in Sunday’s newspaper, Frank was quoted as saying, “People who make a personal decision to smoke marijuana should not be subject to prosecution. This is the kind of fight that’s worth winning. It’s winnable.”

Now, it’s not clear how many Maine residents were aware that there was a “fight” going on over marijuana legalization.

Maine voters gave their approval to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in a 1999 referendum, and 10 years later approved the establishment of dispensaries as one option for offering the drug to those whose medical condition required it, according to their physicians.

But they have never said at any time that cannabis should be decriminalized, and even if they had, the drug would remain illegal under federal laws.

It’s exactly this sort of rhetoric that convinces some people that the effort to provide pain relief for people with cancer and other serious diseases and conditions is actually a cover for the activists’ real goal: legalization for recreational use.

There’s no good reason to conclude that is true — yet —

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