OUR OPINION: Federal action on medical marijuana the fair and compassionate …

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Maine law allows residents of all ages, from children with epilepsy to adults with post-traumatic stress disorder, to ease the impact of their ailments with medical cannabis. There’s a catch, though: Most Maine hospitals ban the drug for fear of federal penalties, as one patient recently found out when he had to leave his medication behind during a two-week stay at a Sanford hospital.

But both in Maine and nationwide, the outlook for medical-marijuana patients may be growing brighter. Both houses of Congress are poised to take up proposals to end the federal ban on medical marijuana, and passage of the legislation would be a major step forward for fairness and for compassion.


Under federal law, marijuana is a Schedule I drug; it has no known medical benefits and a “high capacity for abuse.” But Americans in Maine and 22 other states have found something quite different: Cannabis helps relieve their symptoms.

For example, Eric Chipman of Sanford, who suffered serious injuries in a 1976 motorcycle accident, uses cannabis to make a lotion. It doesn’t get him high, he says, but it does make it easier for him to use his hands. But Chipman was told he couldn’t use the lotion while he was at Southern Maine Medical Center for treatment of a blood infection.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law, so hospitals that allow medical cannabis could lose federal certification and funding. The loss of his medicine has delayed his recovery, Chipman

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