Ohio police identify woman who got fake Maine birth certificate

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A woman in an Ohio jail who refused to give police her name has been identified as a 40-year-old disbarred Virginia lawyer who fraudulently got a Maine birth certificate to procure Ohio state identification – ultimately leading to her arrest in that state.

Ann Marie Miller had schemed to conceal her identity from authorities, even repeatedly burning her fingertips so she could not be fingerprinted, according to Detective Gary Hook of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department in Lima, Ohio.

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Ann Marie Miller appears in court Wednesday in Allen County, Ohio. Police say she sought to create a new identity, even trying to burn her fingerprints off, in order to attend law school and gain admission to a state bar, after she was disbarred by Virginia.

Her goal was to create a new identity, one she could use to attend law school and gain admission to a state bar under a different name, since she had been disbarred by the commonwealth of Virginia.

She also faces criminal charges in Colorado and Ohio, and could possibly face charges in Maine after her story is unraveled.

Miller was identified Friday after Ohio investigators contacted law enforcement authorities in Maine and other states in an effort to learn her identity.

Hook contacted the Morning Sentinel and Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday after Ohio officials searched her computer and found she had done online research into the process for extradition from Ohio to Kennebec County.

Hook said she found Maine a path to creating

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