North of Orono, a home medical pot operation thrives

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Michael Shepherd | The Maine Campus

Blueberry, a type of marijuana that grows with a blue hue and fruity smell, is one of the more noticeable plants in Burke’s grow rooms.

LAGRANGE — In the middle of nowhere, the Burkes have a garage full of legal marijuana.

They don’t want you to know where they are. In a feeble effort hunting for the house last week, I called Jim Burke for directions.

“You just passed me twice,” he said.

He was right, but he had never seen my car. His security system, with indoor and outdoor cameras feeding into a television, showed him.

Out of a converted barn attached to a farmhouse about 30 minutes north of the University of Maine, Jim and wife, Susan, run Care by Cannabis, a limited liability company.

Care by Cannabis is a cooperative of growers. Jim and Susan Burke, along with a friend from Milo, are medical marijuana patients and “caregivers” allowed by state law to provide up

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