Nomad to stay in Maine longer, even with decrepit bus towed after standoff

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SOUTH PORTLAND — The 1981 school bus has empty yellow sockets where the headlights should be, bald tires and two pieces of duct tape to keep grease from oozing out of a front wheel.

Dick Stewart, whose company towed the bus from where it had been parked Monday night in the Target lot in South Portland, said the dilapidated vehicle, now painted green, is unsafe even to drive away from his lot. When it’s moved, it will have to be towed again.

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Corbin Pratt drove his loaded bus from California to Maine.

But that bus brought Corbin Pratt and a group of friends more than 3,000 miles from Oakland, California, to Portland, and for most of that journey rolled along Interstate 80 without getting pulled over or attracting trouble.

Until Monday night, that is, when police were called to Target to have the bus moved.

After learning that police planned to tow the bus, the 29-year-old Pratt ran back on board and hid beneath his mattress, leading to a three-hour confrontation with police. Officers did not believe Pratt had any guns, but couldn’t be sure. He eventually surrendered, was charged with criminal trespassing and ordered to appear in court Dec. 3.

Given the condition of the bus, and that the only “license plate” consisted of numbers written on a piece of cardboard stuck in the back window, Pratt and his friends had amazingly little trouble traversing the country.

“The cops mostly talked to

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