No weed-and-wine tours in Ohio. Medical marijuana dispensaries will be off-limits to most

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Ohio’s seed to sale process for producing medical marijuana.
Michael Nyerges, Cincinnati Enquirer

Marijuana tourism has become an industry unto itself in states such as Nevada and California, where marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use.

Some travel agencies even offer cannabis getaways to Denver, Las Vegas and other cities, where party buses heading to dispensaries for cannabis tours have become a common sight.

Marijuana retail outlets have even teamed with restaurants and wineries to offer “weed-and-wine” or “eats-and-edibles” tastings in on-site consumption lounges.


But the party stops at Ohio’s border.

Only registered medical marijuana patients and caregivers and a select group of industry employees and regulators will be allowed to peek behind the curtain at any of the 56 retail dispensaries gearing up to sell medical marijuana in Ohio.

“No person, except a dispensary

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