NJ marijuana mailbag: Medical marijuana conditions, legal weed dispensaries and more

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USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey reporter Mike Davis answers your burning questions on legal weed
Mike Davis, @byMikeDavis

It’s amazing how quickly things can change — especially when it comes to the volatile relationship between New Jersey and its “will they or won’t they” marijuana soap opera.

The last time I did a marijuana mailbag, it seemed like the Garden State was on the verge of becoming the 11th state to legalize weed.

Now? New Jersey is getting lapped by a state that thinks the shores of Lake Michigan count as “the Shore.” The legal weed bill is basically DOA, but the Legislature isisn’tmaybe can’t make up its mind on a decriminalization bill. 

And even medical marijuana expansion — which was supposed to be the “easy” one — may not get the signature of approval from Gov. Phil Murphy. 

The New Jersey marijuana landscape is murkier than ever. As the 33rd most powerful person in the New Jersey cannabis industry (I told you I’d amount to something, Mom), I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can. 

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